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DeSade is giving it all they’ve got with a definitive old school sound that has been called punk, rock, goth, batcave, deathrock and even deathabilly. These sounds all come to life on stage and in the anticipated release Suicide Lounge. Considered their best work yet, this is their blood, sweat and tears of the last 4 years.

"DeSade has taken a foundation of death-rock and adapted it to modern standards. Thicker guitar tone, tuned down instruments (only slightly), siren vocals, and often-disturbed lyrical content allow them to sooth and unnerve you at the same time. Sometimes fast and furious, sometimes slow and depressing, often melodic, always an experience.

"Haunting vocals, deep grooves and thick guitar are the trademarks of DeSade's sound. Sarah Deathriage carries all of the pathos of Ian Curtis (Joy Division) with her powerful, insightful lyrics. The instrumental side of DeSade is just as potent. An amazing blend of styles and experience lend to the unique and haunting sound. From blistering heavy sections to mellow moody middles, DeSade delivers all the emotion and power that you could ever ask for."

New Album
"Suicide Lounge"


13 Tracks:

1. L'Air Epais
2. Untitled
3. Courage To Kill
4. Apathy
5. Desperate Need
7. Escape
8. Night Terrors KLICK to listen
9. Don't Have Time
10. Obsession
11. In the 11
12. Lullaby
13. Suicide Lounge KLICK to listen


available from 4 November in our WEBSHOP