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Italian Deathrock titans CHANTS OF MALDOROR have descended. The masters of the balance of sinister elegance and demanding dissonance have returned with their long awaited 2nd album entitled "Every Mask Tells The Truth" which promises to shatter the face of art/deathrock into pieces.

No singer knows to voice both cool sovereignty in the tradition of young PETER MURPHY in glorious BAUHAUS-times as well as suffering passion in the vein of ROZZ WILLIAMS in his early phase such as ADOLPHE; no band enwinds these unique vocals and their inspired lyrics as skilfully as LOREN's whining yet powerful deathrock guitars, DAVID's thundering bass und ECHO's sometimes jangly and atmospheric, sometimes stern and attacking keyboards.

Like noone else, CHANTS OF MALDOROR stand for style, decandence and the nervous drama that is the maelstrom between flesh and spirit. The 12 songs of their unexpectedly versatile new album oscillate between harmonic peace and swirling torment, and document a significant new step in the band's impressive musical evolution.

After various breathtaking performances at prestigeous festivals such as the 11. Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Autumn Nights, GOTHAM Festival (Amsterdam) and their headliner gig at ROZZ WILLIAMS MEMORIAL FESTIVAL Rome's most captivating artistic export since Stanislao Lepri are preparing for some selected promotional concerts in Germany and beyond scheduled for November 2005, that are planned to be followed by a real tour in early 2006.

At long last, this authentic and breathtakingly talented band can be experienced live on stage again.

A surrealistic masterpiece bewteen substantial fin-de-siécle decadence, ageless Gothic-chic and disarmingly unconcealed distress.

New Album CD

"Every Mask Tells The Truth" (STROB 018) Release date: 5. September 2005


1. Himmel Balsam
2. Wounded Canvas
3. Interlude I
4. Cruel With Us
5. Where The Lord Lies
6. Sometimes A Poison
7. Interlude II
8. Justine
9. A White Holocaust
10. Of The Willings
11. Interlude III
12. We Stand Alone