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US-Label: Hungry Eye Records

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When in 2003 californian depro-schizzo-Postpunks BLACK ICE released their sensational "Eve EP" and participated in our NEW DARK AGE vol.1 compilation, they were embraced by out-of-the-box-Deathrock lovers all around the globe immediately. Their unique and tremendously rich blend of proto-SIOUXSIE and BIRTHDAY PARTY is proof to the claim that exciting new music is indeed still possible even within the constraints of traditional rock instrumentation when talent, dedication, and a broad spectrum of influences come together.

The band's personal involvement in the alike spectacular PHANTOM LIMBS casts its shadow on the work of BLACK ICE to some extent, but there's a whole black world more to discover in the realms of "Terrible Birds" where noone ever listens and nobody leaves a light on for you. In the summer of 2005 BLACK ICE finally release their long awaited debut album "Terrible Birds" on their new US-home HUNGRY EYE RECORDS, with STROBELIGHT RECORDS marketing and distributing it in Europe.

Miss Kel’s piercing vocals both sternly tell and dedicatedly fight the drama, leading us through corrosive sewers of psychedelic flanger guitars, rumbling drums, and irritating keyboards that never lead to any daylight exits. Opposing demanding tracks such as „Yellow Letters“ and experimental padded room records like „My Eyes Hurt“ in the vein of „Ghosts Of The Civil Dead“ the album also offers more accessible mid-tempo pearls such as „The Stillness“ or up-tempo smashers such as „Elixer“, until this unbelievably advanced album finds its end in „Fingers“ which for a final showdown combines all the assets of BLACK ICE in one swirling maestrom of a Postpunk-hymn. Awesome.

A superb record of a unique and breathtakingly talented band, only obliged to their own values, ambitions, and preferences, and effortlessly stitching into the souls of their listeners without ever angling for it.

New Album CD

"Terrible Birds" (EYE07) Release date: 25. Juli 2005


1. The Stillness
2. Terrible Birds
3. Elixer
4. Stitched Up
5. My Eyes Hurt
6. The Souse
7. Yellow Letters
8. In Winter
9. Fingers